Putting Your Money In Your Mattress?

hiding money in mattressIf you are a hard working person you get the point where you save a little and want to start to put some of those saving to work for you. It’s tough to pick an option that fits your personal goals and your appetite for risk.


  1. You can deposit your money in some sort of guaranteed investment certificate or CD at your local bank. The annual return on your investment is pathetic at the moment, but you can buy certificates that are guaranteed. Very low risk
  2. You could invest in real estate. Things have been bad in the real estate market since the financial crash in 2008 but we might be turning a corner. Raw land is the toughest to invest in because is doesn’t give off cash to offset your investment. Some people are doing very well with multifamily units. And, at some point, residential housing will boom again!
  3. Investing in the stock market. You can follow Jim Cramer’s method and pick a handful of companies to buy stock in. He recommends you do a lot of research and buy only companies you understand and feel good about. Of course, you can also buy indexes and ETF’s to get a larger basket of stocks. The stock market has been doing very well, but there is no such thing as a straight line or non-stop bull market.
  4. There are other types of more complex investments. Some people have done very well trading commodities (like hogs and soy beans). Others have traded options on these commodities. There are derivatives you can buy that leverage everything from stocks to mortgage backed securities. There are municipal bonds (fairly safe) and corporate bonds (usually safe)
  5. There is also a handful of extremely high risk/reward options for those who have time to rebound from a loss and want huge returns. There are HYIP’s (high yield investment programs), forex and some investment opportunities that are only available to the very wealthy ($1Million minimum deposit). If you are looking for extremely fast way to make huge returns you should look into binary option trading. It is not for the faint of heart, but you can make double digit returns in just minutes. Here is a review of a top binary option broker.high return on binary option trading


Whatever you decide to do with your savings you must be willing to risk it to be rewarded. In these times I’m sure that there are a lot of paranoid period who are choosing the option of sticking their hard earned savings in their mattress.


Fortune 500 Companies Coming From “Emerging” Markets

When the year 2025 rolls around, nearly half (46%) of all Fortune 500 Companies will come from emerging markets. This report can from the well-known consulting firm McKinsey & Co. Looking back at 2010, there were only 17% of companies coming from “emerging” markets, in 2000 – that number was as small as 5%. The graph from McKinsey’s report (below) shows the trends over the past decade.



The annual ranking of the Fortune Global 500 companies is measured by revenue. There are a total of 8000 companies worldwide that generate revenue of greater than $1 billion, the really interesting thing is that 75% of these are currently based in developed markets. So, how is this percentage going to change so drastically over a little more than a decade? McKinsey’s report goes on to explain that they expect an additional 7000 companies to grow to this size of which 70 percent will be based in emerging markets.

The Right Conditions in Emerging Markets

Westernization is too strong of a term, but emerging markets are starting to desire urbanized areas and more access to high-tech material gadgets. Income is growing in these economies and so they have money to spend. Demand for consumer goods and services is growing at an unprecedented pace which is just one reason (albeit, one of the major reasons) why more and more companies from emerging markets will grow past the $1 billion revenue threshold.

Population is also a major factor. It is well known that the BRIC countries carry a significant proportion of the population. If you take a look at India alone, there population is over 2 billion people and there are approximately over 750 million cell phone being actively used. The cell phone market in India is night and day (with respect to size) to markets like Canada, for example, who’s population is a little over 33 million people.

Population, a desire for more consumer goods, increased income levels and urbanization are 4 of the major reasons why we will see more Fortune Global 500 companies coming from emerging markets.


Desire the Desire 601


HTC is known for launching some of the most tremendous and high quality android cell phones in the market. HTC is among the premium vendors in the android cell phones arena. Desire 601 is one of its best mid range yet highly technical android cell phones HTC has produced. In terms of features and specs, Desire 601 is only one step behind HTC One. With Desire 601 you get a 4G, high-quality speakers and the HTC Sense UI introduced with the HTC One, but in a slightly less attention-grabbing body. It is the first of the Desire’s phone series to have 4G. It has an impressive aluminum body work, with the perfect curves and the optimum sleekness. It has a removable battery and does not resemble any cheaper phone. The front face is of silver plastic. It has a capacitive touch screen and a multi touch system. Desire 601 has a wide screen display of 4.8 inches and its screen quality is good, with solid contrast and color reproduction. Its internal memory is of 8 GB. The primary camera is 5 MP with autofocus and LED Flash and has good low light performance.  Snapdragon 400 and android version OS v 4.2 jellybeans powers Desire 601. It has a dual core 1.4 GHz processor. It has been hooked up with ultra high speed mobile internet. It has a Li-ion 2100 mAh battery. It has beats audio enhancement sound is just tremendous. Desire 601 comes in three colors white, black and red and all have the same soft touch plastic finish.


The next big thing

SAMSUNG NOTE 3, the next big thing!

The latest phone in the company’s series is the recently announced Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Picking up where its predecessor left off, it comes with an S Pen stylus that is now more functional than ever.  In fact, Samsung’s newest Note handset lands right into the high-end Smartphone department, packing hardware that will easily get any tech geek excited. That includes a massive, 5.7-inch Super AMOLED display, a last-generation quad- or octa-core processor, and a 13MP camera, all of that complemented by software features and stylus functionality found on no other handset.
So yeah, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is shaping up as a beast of a Smartphone, ranking among the best that have been announced so far. And now is the time to find out whether it has what it takes to become as successful as its predecessors.
Samsung did mostly what was expected of it with the design of the Note 3, and it did it well, making the phone thinner and lighter than its predecessor. Even though the new model comes with a 5.7-inch screen – 0.2 inches larger in diagonal size than the display on last year’s Note II
We were surprised to see Samsung taking a different approach to designing the exterior of the phone. The company has picked a faux leather back with stitching elements, meant to prompt the impression of a venerable notebook. Although the back of the Galaxy Note 3 is actually made of plastic, it looks fancy and sophisticated, while the soft touch finish does remind us of real leather as we run our fingers across its surface. As usual, Samsung has opted for a removable back cover, underneath which we find the user-replaceable battery, as well as the SIM and microSD card slots.
the display on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has grown a bit from what the second-gen Note had to offer. The front of the new model is graced by a gorgeous, 5.7-inch display, and it’s a Full HD affair now.
Lastly Samsung has not forgotten to add some extra sensitivity to the touch screen on the Note 3, thus making it usable even while the user is wearing gloves. Interestingly, the panel’s sensitivity is adjusted automatically, meaning that there’s no need for the user to set it manually.

Firefox OS – Not so liked!


The Chinese manufacturer ZTE sold out its first production of the highly anticipated smart phone powered by Firefox OS. The Firefox OS is very much alike to IOS, the app works same as that in IOS and there is also doc for more frequent used apps. When you swipe from the left of the screen it will open Firefox app store.

Well, Firefox OS is a bit less sophisticated than others, but still it is a unique gadget and a breakthrough. Touch screen is not much responsive. The cheap hardware is not only to blame. There are also very limited set of apps in the app store, owing to the memory which is not enough to hold many. HTML 5 software comes with Firefox OS. Whether the fault lies in HTML or with the developers, the outcome is a not-so-smart smart phone. Firefox OS is narrowly any better than those feature phones. They are very dedicated in providing the best possible experience to their users. Mozilla’s hardware partner ZTE has declared that the ZTE Open will soon be heralded in UK.

The biggest setback in Firefox OS is that Gmail app (how furious would Gmail have been to see that). It is not only disgusting but also pathetic in Firefox OS and font is also too small. The keyboard is difficult to use it is bit smaller than other smart phones keyboard. This smart phone is best for teenagers and students as it is less expensive and most of the common apps like twitter, sound cloud, tumblr etc work very well.


Google Glass – Recreate Your Eye


Google glass is an innovative technology designed such that you can wear it as you wear eyeglasses throughout the day. It is the most recent computer from Google shaped like an eye glass frame. Google does such cool stuff all the times. Glass is designed around a display contained within a small box connected to the frame just above the right eye. Developers have already begun making applications for Google Glass. Glass responds by displaying on the screen and transmitting in your ear. You can easily access e-mails, social networking websites, text messages and pictures. Even those pictures can be displayed with no trouble that you took days back and your laptop requires minutes of scrolling down to view them. Google has placed the screen in a clear box to alert others that Glass display is active. It lists options in front of the user’s eyes, including “record a video,” “get directions to,” “send a message to,” “make a call to,” “send e-mail to” or “hang out with.” It’s awesome, isn’t it? All commands are obeyed via voice recognition technology. It has an app ‘FIELD TRIP’ which can track the user’s whereabouts and automatically relays information about the near restaurants, hotels and tourist attractions and much more. What I do not appreciate about Glass is that it reflects bright light and viewing the Glass in sunny afternoons is quite a difficult task. Google Glass is expected to start its sales in early 2014. Google has not announced a specific price point yet. It is too early I believe.




These days every other person has become crazzzy about DSLR! Being a photographer is not mandatory, as DSLR is itself well capable of clicking your memories flawlessly! The recent version of DSLR is Nikon D3100. It has some incredibly impressive specifications and features and is the first release of the Nikon’s hottest generation DSLR cameras. It has a sharp and prompt shooter of 14.2 MP with CMOS sensor which raises the resolution. Nikon D3100 can also capture full HD movies. A 3” LCD gives a large view to be pictured. Shooting in low light is no more a hitch owing to the ultra sensitive nature of this camera. The device offers an efficient right hand grip and multiple clicks even in motion are not difficult to handle. The Exposure Compensation button is placed next to the shutter release. This button is for adjusting its settings you can easily hold this button and spin the wheel on the top rear of the camera- simple and perceptive. The body is really innovative and light to hold. Nikon bodies don’t offer any form of in-camera image stabilization like other ones such as Sony.  It follows a traditional DSLR design in having a shooting mode dial on the top, which allows you to select to one of the modes. The Flash settings are auto, auto with red eye reduction, auto slow sync with red eye correction. D3100 is appropriate for all lighting conditions. For the images already captured, the Nikon D3100 offers a wide range of retouching and editing tools


Dell Inspiron – Something you’ll love



Dell has always maintained its reputation as a reliable and unfailing gadget producer. Once again Dell has shaken the laptop market with its latest inspirational Dell Inspiron 14z 5423 Ultrabook. Dell also offers two similarly named notebooks but with different specs. Although, these two earlier productions of Dell have satisfied the users fully, yet this most recent device is becoming the most demanded one. This piece of technology is a design of perfection. With a sleek, perfectly shaped, rectangular body and its feathery weight (1.8 kg only), Inspiron Ultra Z is a complete boom for dell’s business. Dell has managed to completely alter the concept of ultrabooks in our minds as this latest Inspiron 14z ultrabook does not resemble an ordinary ultra book due to its integrated DVD writer. The very-wide widescreen is perfect for watching all your favorite movies and playing the best games ever.  The touch pad is relatively sensitive, which is a drawback for ruthless users. Thankfully, the touch pad can be disabled.

Specs and features of this latest Inspiron Ultra Z include:

  • An Intel core i5-3317U 1.7 GHz processor
  • A wide display of 14.0 inch
  • A hard disk of Samsung SSD 830 Series MZ – 7PC0128D /EU, 128 GB
  • A sound card of Intel Panther Point with a high definition audio controller
  • An optical device HL-DT-ST DVD+-RW GU60N
  • The operating system Is Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit.
  • All the necessary connectivity ports

Have I convinced you enough? Go get one of yours!



images (1)

With increasing events of burglary, the technology people have also become hyperactive. It has been noted that the demand of residential security systems have increased recently. Following updates have been made in this regard:

Wireless Alarm Systems

These are mere alarm signals travelling all around your house. These invisible waves are the most efficient home alarm system at present.


Perfect for: High-value houses and mansions.

Video Monitoring Security Systems

With something as simple as an internet access, this technology will send a video to your laptop or call you on your cell phone as soon as it notices slightest disruption at your home.

Perfect for: All time travelers.

Home Automation

Home automation, a product of Smarthome, is efficient in multi-tasking. It can control home lighting as well as security locks.

Perfect for: Multi storey houses, houses with elderly residents.

Geo-Location Detecting Security Systems

This is again linking your smart phone to your security system. The feature differentiating it from a Video Monitoring system is that it can be connected to multiple laptops and smart phones. Therefore, it allows all residents of the house to be aware of the security status of their house.

Prefect for: Busy and efficient people.

Energy Efficient Security Systems

These alarms are supposed to be connected to your home appliances such as television, iron and refrigerator. The remote allows you to turn on and off the connected appliance even if you are not at home. This particularly tricks the burglars as you can leave the television on when you are away. When the thought of your electricity bill strikes you, turn it off while biting your stake at your favorite restaurant.

Perfect for: Low-budget houses.



Why use a proxy server for your gadget?

No one leaves their house without a gadget. Everyone in the current days owns an iPhone or a laptop or computer etc. with so much technology around us we must know that there are in line some technology thugs waiting for us to fall into their traps.

Now before that happens and all your data goes upside down, you have to make sure you have a guard for the safety of all your gadgets that have their signals roaming in the internet pool.

So what kind of guard would protect your important information, which you may be leaking via the internet or any other online services?

Well this so called guard is well known as: a proxy server or VPN.

This program when installed on your computer will prove to be privacy friendly. With being so, it will make certain you can enjoy all your favorite websites without being looked at. What does that mean now? Well whenever you peek into a website, your IP address and location and the stuff that you are looking at is tracked. So the VPN’s job will be to hinder the tracking. Which means no more ID leaks; the site or the thugs behind them won’t be able to get you.

Apart from this, if you live in a region that falls into the category of places where your favorite website is blocked, you can bypass the block and reach all your favorite websites. That is possible because of the fake IP address issued to you by the proxy servers.